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Protect Your Valuables Against Fire & Theft

Looking for a way to protect your personal valuables against the threat of fire and theft? Is your business growing and you need a secure but accessible way of storing your cash? No matter what you need to secure – whether it’s money, jewellery or top-secret files – we have the solution for you! At Century Locksmiths in Toowoomba, we supply a range of wall, floor and stand-alone safes to suit your budget – including the Dominator DS range. No matter what you need, our friendly staff will help you choose the right safe for your home or business. Drop by our shop or simply call us.

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keeping you safe and secure —

How Do I Choose a Safe?

If it’s your first time, it can be difficult to work out exactly how much protection you need when buying a safe! If you’re temporarily storing business takings before depositing at the bank, a lightweight document safe won’t be adequate. Likewise if you just want to protect a few keepsakes from the threat of fire, you won’t be needing a high-grade commercial safe with an internal trap! Some of the key considerations before buying include:

  • Safe placement – in the wall, the floor or on the ground
  • Locking mechanisms – combination, electronic or key-based
  • Size, weight and shelving configuration
  • Installation method and access
  • Relocker functionality
  • Fire resistance
  • Cash rating